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Stop Ausnets Towers
AusNet wants to build 190km of power lines and massive towers – each as big as the MCG light towers – through Victoria’s West.
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Victoria’s Energy Minister, Lily D’Ambrosio


We deserve better renewable energy solutions, now and for future generations, not cheap options that favour quick political wins and corporate profit. We have written an Open Letter to Victoria’s Energy Minister, Lily D’Ambrosio, asking her to take this project back to the drawing board and put the transmission lines underground.

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AusNet wants to build a 190km high-voltage transmission line connecting Bulgana, near Ararat, to Sydenham, in Melbourne’s west.

They want to build about 380 towers as tall as the MCG light towers.

They also want to build a massive terminal station near Ballarat, taking up 20ha of private land.

AusNet will compulsorily acquire land that has been in the same families’ hands for generations – all so they can build towers and powerlines that:

  • Can cause bushfires
  • Make surrounding land unusable
  • Destroy native habitat
  • Threaten native animals
  • Can collapse in storms and high winds.

The State Government must approve the project before work can start. We need your help to Stop AusNet’s Towers.

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If AusNet’s towers are approved:

  • Bushfire risk will skyrocket. Overhead powerlines were responsible for the worst of the Black Saturday bushfires.
  • Native habitat will be destroyed as the powerlines carve a path through the region that boasts Victoria’s treasured National Parks – Werribee Gorge, Wombat State Park, Brisbane Ranges National Park, Lerderderg Gorge and Creswick Regional Park.
  • Land and property values will plummet.
  • Some of our vital agricultural land – Australia’s foodbowl – will be lost forever.
  • The amenity, livability and wellbeing of tens of thousands of people will be destroyed.
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The Moorabool Central Highlands Power Alliance supports renewable energy and wants green energy generated in Western Victoria connected to the rest of the state.

But overhead powerlines are unsafe, inefficient and will destroy our precious landscape.

Underground transmission might be more expensive to install, but it’s safer and more efficient. It is proven to be of equal cost over the life of the project.

Despite these facts, communities from the Ararat region to Sydenham have been told there’s no other way – that AusNet’s massive towers and giant terminal station are the only solution.

Stop AusNet’s Towers is demanding that the State and Federal Governments

  • Commit to full, genuine consultation
  • Conduct an independent analysis of the alternatives and their costs and benefits
  • Commit to better, safer, smarter technology
  • Deliver the project in a way that minimises the impact on our communities.
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Major Impacts


We need to tell the politicians in Spring Street and Canberra to Stop AusNet’s Towers.

Here’s how you can help


Stop Ausnet’s Towers is a self-funded, grass roots community campaign. AusNet is a foreign-owned, multi-billion dollar corporate business. We need your support.

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Stop Ausnets Towers


Stop AusNet’s Towers is demanding better consultation and a genuine process to consider alternatives.

The Moorabool Central Highlands Power Alliance comprises landowners, residents and community group concerned about the impacts of this project on our lives, land, environment, community and future generations

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