$100K is needed by the end of December 2021

We need your help – every donation will help Stop AusNet’s Towers.

It’s time to decide – help our fight to Stop AusNet’s towers or live with 85m high towers and a massive new terminal station.

If AusNet succeeds, bushfire risk will skyrocket, land values will plummet and businesses will suffer. AusNet will cause irreversible environmental damage.

We need your help to Stop AusNet’s Towers.

The Stop AusNet Towers team has been taking our fight to the state and federal governments, AEMO, the AER and AusNet.

We need your help

We have developed a comprehensive legal fight backed by significant public funding to date however to progress this challenge and force this project back to the drawing board we need to raise a further $100,000 by the end of December 2021.

We all face significant financial loss if these towers and the terminal station are built.

Dig deep and tell your friends and neighbours. Every donation helps.

Donate via GoFundMe, or make a direct deposit online, or in person at a Bendigo Bank Branch. Please see details below.

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If you are a corporate donor, please contact us at:

  • Moorabool and Central Highlands Power Alliance

  • BSB 633 000

  • ACC 175 892 850

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We have created a downloadable fundraising flier for you to distribute to your networks. Please also share this page on your social networks. Your support will help kick-off our Stop AusNet’s Towers Fighting Fund.

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About the Legal Challenge

The Western Victoria Transmission Network Project is proposing hundreds of high voltage towers across our landscape and a massive terminal station which will irreversibly impact our livelihoods and landscape. The Stop AusNet’s Towers campaign urgently needs your help to get a better solution.

We know that this project will devastate communities, destroy the environment, permanently effect our productive farms, decrease our property values and heighten the risk from devastating bushfires.

Stop AusNet’s Towers is a self-funded, grass roots community campaign. AusNet is a foreign-owned, multi-billion-dollar corporate business.

Your donation will allow us to mount a credible, convincing and vigorous campaign that will seek the project be delivered in a way that is acceptable to the community.

Our strategy involves independent technical analysis of alternatives and legal representation at different stages to ensure the community’s best interests are considered and the AEMO and Victorian Ministers for Energy and Planning are persuaded to change the project to connect the West’s renewable energy in a socially acceptable way.

We need to stand together to effect change and require significant funds to support a well targeted, professional campaign.

Future Challenges

Challenging AusNet’s Environmental Effects Study (EES) findings by engaging key legal and leading experts to prosecute our conclusions to make sure our community’s voice is heard. This will be inclusive of key expert areas (i.e. underground, visual impact, economic, agriculture, bushfire, etc.). A successful outcome will ensure the project does not continue in its current form.

Continued use of strategic campaign services to help lobby the government and AEMO and engage with the media and key stakeholders, and provide campaign support including marketing, advertising, website, collateral, signage, and media coverage. A successful campaign will allow us to stand together to engage with key decision makers in a meaningful way to influence a positive outcome for our community.


We need to tell the politicians in Spring Street and Canberra to Stop AusNet’s Towers.

Here’s how you can help


Stop Ausnet’s Towers is a self-funded, grass roots community campaign. AusNet is a foreign-owned, multi-billion dollar corporate business. We need your support.

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Stop Ausnets Towers


Stop AusNet’s Towers is demanding better consultation and a genuine process to consider alternatives.

The Moorabool Central Highlands Power Alliance comprises landowners, residents and community group concerned about the impacts of this project on our lives, land, environment, community and future generations

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