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The Solution

The Moorabool & Central Highlands Power Alliance (MCHPA) are increasing pressure to ensure power transmission lines are placed underground with a highly organised new structure.

We seek to cancel the existing AEMO contract with Ausnet or have it substantially changed.

We seek to minimize the impact of the Western Victoria Transmission Network Project (WVTNP) on property owners by influencing a direction to the WVTNP team to investigate alternative options such as undergrounding. Noting that the MCHPA believes the most suitable solution to the proposed transmission lines is an undergrounded solution entirely in the MCHPA geographical area from West of Ballarat to Sydenham.


The most appropriate way to minimise fire-risk and the damage to critical infrastructure would be using underground cables.

HVAC vs HVDC alternate

The fundamental reason that these projects are able to efficiently and economically achieve long distances underground, is because they use Direct Current (DC), rather than alternating current (AC).


We need to tell the politicians in Spring Street and Canberra to Stop AusNet’s Towers.

Here’s how you can help


Stop Ausnet’s Towers is a self-funded, grass roots community campaign. AusNet is a foreign-owned, multi-billion dollar corporate business. We need your support.

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Stop Ausnets Towers


Stop AusNet’s Towers is demanding better consultation and a genuine process to consider alternatives.

The Moorabool Central Highlands Power Alliance comprises landowners, residents and community group concerned about the impacts of this project on our lives, land, environment, community and future generations

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