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Purpose of the Association.

The purpose of the association is to represent all communities along the proposed Western Victorian Transmission Network Project corridor to ensure, regardless of how the project need is finally resolved, that it is built to deliver minimal adverse impacts on these communities during both construction and operation phases.

Moorabool and Central Highlands Power Alliance (MCHPA) Rules

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The only way to make a difference is to get involved. A lot of people think they should sit back and wait for others to do something, it won’t happen.  This is your only chance to prevent this so get involved now. The project is forging ahead and the ONLY time to have a say and provide the best outcome for everyone, is NOW.

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Show our decision-makers that people like you care about what happens to our environment. To make this process quick and easy, we have prepared ready-made letters you can sign instantly online or download and post if you prefer. If you wish to convey your personal view, feel free to edit any of these before sending. Sending a letter can and does make a difference.
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Some volunteers help regularly. Others help out with specific projects or activities. There’s always something happening and always work to do, we appreciate any assistance people can give.
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Donations assist in the running of our campaign. Funds will go towards things such as paper and printing for flyers, letters, and petitions, for stamps, for marketing and advertising. It may also be used for legal guidance and representation.
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It may surprise you that not everyone knows about this project or the impact on our community. Help spread the word by telling your neighbours, family and friends. Tell them about this campaign site and encourage them to get on board. The more people involved, the louder our collective voice will be and the greater our change of being heard.