Stop AusNet’s Towers Newsletter – April 2022

Lock the gate

Protect Your Land

Over the past 18 months the Stop AusNet Towers Team and many members of the community have attempted to work with AusNet on a suitable and collaborative approach to all matters related to the proposed WVTNP, however time and time again AusNet have demonstrated their misleading, dismissive, arrogant and at times aggressive engagement with the community.

AusNet are attempting to gain access to land under the guise of the EES, unfortunately they are undertaking this in an aggressive and bullying manner. In one incident allegedly assaulting a land holder, in another incident the stress resulted in a landholder being taken to hospital.

AusNet claim “Section 93” powers allow them to force such access, a claim that is made without supporting legal evidence being given to landholders. Many landholders are simply “closing their gate” and not allowing AusNet access – whilst at all times behaving lawfully and keeping the peace.

If AusNet are attempting to force access to your land, often with 10+ people, having your local community there to support you to peacefully and lawfully deny AusNet access is an important way you may wish to exercise your rights – and entirely your decision. If you are uncomfortable engaging with AusNet please reach out to us and your neighbours for support.

Statement of Expectations

Essential Services Commission (ESC) seek feedback on the Statement of Expectations for land access in Victoria – Deadline Date Extended

In a related matter to the previous article, The Essential Services Commission has developed a Draft ‘Statement of Expectations’ in relation to how transmission companies engage with landholders to access private land.

ESC has provided a very short window to provide input and we would encourage you to submit your feedback before April 19th, 2022. You can submit your feedback via ESC – Statement of Expectations Feedback 

We encourage members of the community to participate in this survey. There continues to be many instances of AusNet’s aggressive and unwelcome behaviour when seeking land access.

This is your opportunity to let the ESC know your thoughts on land access.

Share your experiences and express your expectations of how AusNet should engage and work with landholders.

Some areas for consideration in your submission:

  • Land access in NSW may only be gained with the landowner’s consent. Why can’t Victoria have a similar process?
  • Tell the ESC what kind of information you would expect to receive from AusNet e.g. a detailed map showing where AusNet is going, and information about why, who, when, for how long etc.
  • The transmission company needs to be held accountable for access under sec 93 by anyone undertaking work for the transmission company – no party would be independent from the company – they would be employed/engaged by the company for the purpose of the company.
  • We encourage to tell the ESC about your stories of the interactions with AusNet and its agents – how they have been treated, what has been said, etc. The ESC acknowledged that they have heard about some very poor interactions instigated by AusNet and that they welcomed more information – the ESC said going into detail is fine.
  • There needs to be accountability and enforcement of AusNet’s behaviour so that it matches the principles set out in the Statement of Expectations.
  • The Draft Statement of Expectations references an enforceable access code. Tell the ESC it is crucial this code be developed in parallel with the Statement of Expectations and there are clear rules established around how compliance with this code will be enforced.

For further information or to make a public submission visit Engage Victoria’s website.

Michaela Settle

Engagement with MP’s

Next week Michaela Settle will be visiting Bacchus Marsh. Michaela says she fully supports our efforts to stop or dramatically change the WVTNP however we want to see her undertaking meaningful and impactful change to the project. Her party can change this project.

Take some time to Visit Michaela and share your concerns with the project.  

Membership, Fundraising and Volunteers

Membership, Fundraising and Volunteers

We have developed a comprehensive legal fight backed by significant public funding to date however to progress this challenge and force this project back to the drawing board we need to raise a further funds.

We all face significant financial loss if these towers and the terminal station are built.

Dig deep and tell your friends and neighbours. Every donation helps.

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