We’re standing for “Green and Unseen”

Green and Unseen

Let’s be clear, Stop Ausnet’s Towers and The Moorabool Central Highlands Power Alliance wholeheartedly support a reduction in coal-fired power stations and transition to a low-carbon emissions future.  

In fact, our supporters comprise small to large businesses, tourism, and agricultural early adopters of green energy such as solar and wind.

We believe that green energy should not be limited to output, but should also include all the steps to create it. How can we call this “green energy” when it stands to destroy the very environment it was designed to preserve?

The negative impacts of 85m high overhead transmission lines far outweigh the benefits of the green energy they transmit. We know that these transmission lines will span across natural bushland; posing significant and increased fire risk, conservation areas; damaging native flora and fauna and compromising the quality output of prime agricultural lands.

We believe that transmitting green energy this way effectively transforms a benefit into a liability, significantly reducing any gains for the end-user. This is counterintuitive to the undisputed positive impacts that green energy brings to our country.

We know that by putting transmission lines underground, there’s a greater chance to regenerate native areas, reduce visual impact and completely avoid fire risk. We also know that our community supports this future-proofing approach.

That’s why when we say “Stop Ausnet’s Towers” we also mean “Go Green and Unseen”.  

Help us in putting these transmission lines underground, to protect the environment and livelihoods of generations to come. 

Image: Moorabool Shire Council

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Stop AusNet’s Towers is demanding better consultation and a genuine process to consider alternatives.

The Moorabool Central Highlands Power Alliance comprises landowners, residents and community group concerned about the impacts of this project on our lives, land, environment, community and future generations

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