Stop AusNet’s Towers Newsletter – March 2021

Darley and Coimadai Community Meetings

Coimadai, Darley and Kingston Community Meetings

Stop AusNet Towers Campaign Team hosts ‘STOP AUSNET’S TOWERS COMMUNITY MEETINGS’ in Coimadai, Darley and Kingston

Learn more about the impacts of the proposed towers and how you can help stop this project.

Coimadai CFA Station: Thursday March 18 at 6.30pm – 17 Russells Road, Coimadai.

Bacchus Marsh Golf Club: Monday March 22 at 6:30pm – Links Road, Darley.

Councilor Moira Berry and Footy legend Doug Hawkins will make a presentation at the Golf Club.

Kingston: 7pm Monday 29th March, Newlyn community Complex. 2745 Midland Highway, Newlyn.

Stop-Ausnets-Towers-New-Website Live

News and Updates

We are excited to announce our ALL NEW WEBSITE is live. Find out how AUSNET’S towers will impact you and your local environment and show your support by getting involvedSign up to our newsletter and join the STOP AUSNET’S TOWERS Facebook Group to join in the discussion.

We are seeking Volunteers to assist in various areas including administration, fundraising and project management please e-mail if you are interested. Relevant skills welcomed and passionate appetite to assist is required.

Letter Writing

Community Letter Writing

We must continue to push the decision makers to stop or dramatically alter these horrific and unsafe Towers from being constructed. We all need to be actively sending letters to Government to show we care about what happens to our environment. We have drafted letters on your behalf which you may edit or leave as is. Simply add your name and e-mail then send along.

Please visit our website at

AusNet announced a narrowed down corridor

Media Release


AusNet has today announced a narrowed down corridor within the previously identified Area of Interest. The release of this reduced corridor clearly demonstrates Ausnet’s comprehensive dismissal of feedback provided by the community throughout the latter half of 2020 by ignoring the myriad of identified issues.

We are devastated by this announcement, this project impacts our lives, our livelihoods, the environment and our future. It’s not just a line on a map.

AusNet and the responsible government authorities’ lack of care for the community has been amplified by this news.

Despite AusNet’s claim that the WVTNP originally identified area of interest (of approximately 2,000 square KM) was being investigated for suitable corridor options, this has not been the case. In May, 2020 the MCHPA were able to identify a defined corridor by gathering landholder feedback and as such created a map of an identified corridor. Ausnet have continually denied such a corridor existed and that they were looking at all options within the Area of Interest. Today’s announced corridor which aligns with the MCHPA map of June, 2020 confirms that to spite significant community consultation and the subsequent identified issues by these landholders that AusNet have made no changes to the corridor. AusNet’s dismissive and unapologetically lazy level of community engagement has demonstrated no willingness nor changes to the planned WVTNP corridor. The landholders within this corridor will face the devastating effects of the towers and lines.

This project cannot continue in its planned way and deeper more comprehensive community engagement and subsequent tangible action to address these concerns need to take place from the AusNet and the government.

This planned project is having a significantly detrimental impact on many people’s wellbeing. MCHPA is well-organized grassroots, member funded community group backed by specialized legal, technical and campaign professionals. To best mobilize the efforts of the MCHPA, we rely on the unified support of the community. Join us and stand as one against this project and its proponents (Ausnet)!

For further comment please contact
Emma Muir

Visit the campaign website:
Join our Facebook community.
Get involved to support our efforts.

Community Drop-in Sessions March 2021

Community Drop-in Sessions March 2021

AusNet will be hosting a series of Community Drop-in Sessions

AUSNET have narrowed down a broad Area of Interest to a number of corridor options for further investigation and consultation. AUSNET are encouraging feedback on these options as they work towards identifying a single corridor and a final route. These planning studies and community consultation are an important part of the Environment Effects Statement required by the Victorian Government for this project – your input is important, and they want to hear from the community.

Please attend these sessions to voice your concerns and help save our communities. For more information on the times, dates and locations, click here.

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