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Get Fired Up

Let’s Unite and Stop AusNet’s Towers

Friday September 24th at 6:00pm

When: This Friday September 24th at 6:00pm we need all landholders to light up bonfires on their land in protest to AusNet’s dangerous and outdated transmission line project and in protest to the bullying behavior being undertaken by AusNet.

Where: We want hundreds of landholders to light up a bonfires along the entire 190km corridor.

What: Make your bonfire’s big (and safe) we’ll be giving away gifts to the most creative, biggest and best bonfires. Be creative and add field art or words for the flyover.

Bonfire Event and Media: Starting at 6:00pm and will have a flyover of the entire route to film the bonfires and we will be sharing this video with over 100 media outlets.

We will be running an event on our Facebook Group – Post your images and videos on our Facebook Group with the hashtags #GetFiredUp #stopausnetstowers or send in your photo’s and video’s to

Register: Please register your name and area below to confirm you will be lighting up a Bonfire.

Please also register your fire with

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Land Access

Land Access – AusNet’s Bullying and Stand Over Tactics

AusNet have been acting in a disgraceful manner in forcing access to properties. AusNet and it’s agents are repeatedly engaging in bullying and stand over tactics with landowners as they seek to access land.

In talking with many landholders over the past few days and there is a continued theme of being bullied by AusNet, specifically by the land access managers.

AusNet are currently focused on aggressively seeking land access in Melton and Toolern Vale and are making their way into other areas.

Given the life changing and devastating impacts this project presents, a thoughtful and personalized approach with each landholders needs to be employed. AusNet’s poor, deceitful and aggressive treatment of landholders must cease.

Lets work together to send this dangerous and ill-conceived project back to the drawing board.

The thousands of people affected by this project deserve to be treated with respect on their own properties not bullied by AusNet representatives.

If your land is seeking to be access, please reach out to us at

Membership, Fundraising and Volunteers

Membership, Fundraising and Volunteers

If you have not yet become a member of the Stop AusNet Towers campaign, please sign up on our member’s page.

We rely on the generosity of many volunteers to keep the fight going however we also require expert legal, technical and campaign professionals to provide guidance and direction. In order to continue this support, your donations are always welcome, please see our donations page.

If you would like to volunteer, we are looking for someone to assist in coordinating our fundraising efforts, if you are a good organizer and communicator and feel you have a few hours a week to assist please get in touch with us at

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