Stop AusNet’s Towers Newsletter 2 – December 2021

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Stop AusNets Towers Community Meetings – Keep up the Fight

Thanks to all who attended the Stop AusNet’s Towers community meetings over the past two weeks, we had over 800 community members in attendance. The unification of the communities opposition to the proposed WVTNP was very much on display. We cannot allow this project to proceed in its current form and a united and engaged community can stop or dramatically alter the project.

Letter Writing

Mail Out Monday – Community Letter Writing Campaign

One way we can all take action! Let’s make sure we all have our say.

It’s very important that the decision-makers hear from everyone about this awful project.

Letter writing does make a difference.

Tens of thousands of people are very unhappy about the project and every individual voice of concern deserves to be heard.

Please just take a few minutes to access the community letter here. Add your name and e-mail address then press send or download the letters and send from your own e-mail.

This only takes a few minutes of your time, but it is so important. If you want to add further text, then you can certainly do that also.

The more letters we send expressing our concerns, the more we cannot be ignored and the more influence we can have!

Mental Health

Mental Health Media Release

Serious Mental Health Concerns for Western Victorian’ Communities affected by the Proposed High Voltage Transmission Project

The proposed high voltage transmission line and terminal station project being undertaken by AusNet’s services running through western Victoria is causing a dramatic increase in community mental health issues.

Swans Road Darley

Local Councils express disdain for proposed route of WVTNP

Membership, Fundraising and Volunteers

Membership, Fundraising and Volunteers

If you have not yet become a member of the Stop AusNet Towers campaign, please sign up on our member’s page.

We rely on the generosity of many volunteers to keep the fight going however we also require expert legal, technical and campaign professionals to provide guidance and direction. In order to continue this support, your donations are always welcome, please see our donations page.

If you would like to volunteer, we are looking for someone to assist in coordinating our fundraising efforts, if you are a good organizer and communicator and feel you have a few hours a week to assist please get in touch with us at

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