Community protest’s proposed electrical transmission project with Bonfires Protest

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#GetFiredUp To Stop Ausnet Towers

On Friday September 24th community members along the proposed Western Victoria Transmission Network Project (WVTNP) transmission corridor lit up the skies with bonfires and stood united against this horrific project

It is estimated that just over 460 landowners lit up bonfires to say NO.

In a covid-safe protest community members remained at their homes. The community demonstrated a united stance against this appalling and ill-conceived project and showed they are here to stay the course and deliver a suitable outcome to all.

Community alliance Stop AusNet’s Towers spokesperson Emma Muir commented “AusNet continue absence of genuine community consultation and it’s recent stand over tactics and bullying as they attempt to gain access to private properties across Western Victoria has a community ready to boil over.”

“It was amazing to see a line of 460 plus fires along the line, the community really came together. We could see bonfires all around our property for miles.

“This is another example why we need to hold the Victorian Government and the Energy Minister Lily D’Ambrosio accountable. “The entire project has been a disgrace from the very beginning. How can we trust AusNet? They were responsible for the Black Saturday bushfires and continued mismanagement of projects like the WVTNP”.

“We urge the Minister to send the WVTNP back to the drawing board.”

“Victorian’s deserve a renewable energy future that is founded on innovative, reliable and scalable technology, because we do not want to see our energy future disabled with outdated and dangerous technology like the WVTNP,” said Mrs Muir.

Community Video (1.10 min)

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CONTACT: Emma Muir, MCHPA, 0412 685 404 or

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